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Gary Borgnis

Wood Carver/Sculptor

Internationally known Wood Carver/Sculptor, Gary Borgnis resides in New England. He received his art training and degree from S.C.S.U.. Originally a multi-media artist, his main concentration over the past 2 decades has been working in wood. Over that time his work has been bought by private collectors and galleries from Japan to Ireland and all across the United States.

He discovered his passion for whales while on a Whale Watch off the coast of Cape Cod. “It was very foggy that day, when a pod of Humpbacks emerged from the mist. It was magical and I’ve been carving them ever since.”

All carving of his exquisite whales is done with a knife. Besides their majestic contours, Gary is able to extract an amazing amount of depth and detail from the 1″ Northern White Pine that he uses. You can sense the bones, muscles and internal anatomy of each whale and when you look into their eye, they look back at you. “My goal is to capture the essence and express the soul of these incredible beings.”

Gary offers his whales in 2, 3, 4 or 5 ft. lengths (The Orca is only available in 2 & 3 ft. lengths). He finishes them with exterior paint with an oil based stain so they may be displayed outdoors. Each original design is signed by the Artist and ready to hang by saw tooth hanger.