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Katrin Waite: Inside the Outside World; Plus Two New Craft Artists

Date: Dec 03, 2019 to Dec 24, 2019
Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm
Artists : Katrin Waite, Ken Beerbohm, Rebecca Dunn

This December, the Geary Gallery of Darien presents three talented artists: German-American abstract artist Katrin Waite, and two new craft artists, Rebecca Dunn and Ken Beerbohm. Just in time for holiday gift-giving, their unique artwork will make the perfect gift!


Featured artist: Katrin Waite
Sipapu By Katrin Waite

Sipapu By Katrin Waite

Multimedia abstract artist and PhD historian Katrin Waite’s development began in childhood, and she’s been on a creative journey ever since. A self-trained artist, she began to paint actively when she relocated from her native Germany to the United States two decades ago.

The colors of the American landscape and the subtleties of Native American art influenced her artwork deeply. Her background as a historian provided her with complex patterns of understanding about human memory.

For years she worked largely with acrylics. As her paintings gained complexity, the choice of media grew. Each theme, each motif, each issue called for its own approach, its own media to express it. That led her from acrylics to oil paint, to liquid metal, to mixed media, to rust. As this process unfolded, she introduced graphic elements into her paintings. She continues to approach each work of art she creates as a learning process, carefully balancing media and composition.

“My art triggers or extends an illusion about the outside world,” Waite says. “In each work I play with layers, transparency, shapes. I strive to offer a subjective extract of the visual essence of this outside world. This serves as an invitation to the viewer to place himself or herself within the beauty of nature, to experience its unlimited perceptions, to become part of the journey.”

Recent projects include an art trip to Finland, including the northern Finnish region of Lapland in August 2019, and the exhibition at the McCartee’s Art Barn in Salem, NY in September 2019.

Also featured in December:

Rebecca Dunn

Ocean Series IV By Rebecca Dunn

Ocean Series IV By Rebecca Dunn

As an evolving artist, Rebecca Dunn of Danbury, CT continues to experiment with different mediums, exploring alternative methods to enhance her talents. Her current collection is created using encaustics, also known as hot wax painting. Pigments are added for color with over 20 layers of wax fused using a blow torch after each application. Other materials used are inks, shellac, milk paint, oil paint, metallic leaf and metal wire. The use of epoxy resin adds both depth and vibrancy. Wax is her preferred medium because it is challenging, unpredictable and creates unique pieces every time.

Ken Beerbohm
Born and raised in Neihart, MT, sculpture artist Ken Beerbohm grew up with few possessions, but the mountains behind his house became a giant playground full of nature’s wonders, from moss-covered rocks to spring creeks. His love of what nature could produce was firmly rooted.

The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse By Ken Beerbohm

The Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse By Ken Beerbohm

In 1974, Beerbohm realized his true passion was sculpting. He began carving pieces from wood, then evolved to sculpting with clay. Drawing from years of experience working with a wide range of materials, his background enabled him to approach sculpting without constraints.

His work has been featured many places, including the “Whimsy Gone Wild” solo show at Willow Gallery, in Annapolis MD and the Columbia Festival of the Arts in Town Center, MD.

The artist exhibits run December 3 – 24 and their paintings are available for acquisition. Consider Geary Gallery for gifts! All are welcome and admission is free. To view some of their work, visit Geary Gallery online.

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