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Roderick O’Flaherty

Roderick O’Flaherty is a self-taught artist. After receiving his license to practice law, he switched career direction when he decided to pursue his life-long interest in art. His earliest work was primarily illustrative. It included a collector’s print, book covers and a series of greeting cards.

More recently Roderick concentrated almost exclusively in fine art. Raised in the mid-west, he was struck by New England’s scenery, historic architecture and changing seasons when he moved here for college. Roderick enjoy painting the landscapes, both natural and architectural, that first drew him to the area.

Roderick worked initially in watercolor and acrylic, before turning his attention to oil painting. For the past year he also begun painting in egg tempera. He found the challenge of switching among these disparate mediums particularly rewarding. One goal in his oil and egg tempera painting is to capture the pastel-like softness that helps to make watercolors appealing. This softness can balance pleasingly with the tight detail generally inherent in his work. Roderick enjoys capturing texture and detail, but keeping his brushstrokes larger and looser in certain places can serve an important function in the development of the overall composition and aid in focusing the attention of the viewer.

Roderick is a realist painter, but he does not strictly copy what he sees. He makes an effort to convey a unique mood in each of his paintings. Capturing this mood can involve any number of changes in the lighting, color, or subject matter itself. Two of his favorite painters are Vermeer and Hopper, both of whom played with light and reality. he will continue to focus his energy on the creative interpretation of what he sees.