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William Paul

“The Everyday Photographer”

Photography is all about “light,” and only natural light is used in my photos… nothing artificial. Photographers really love the warm tones associated with  “the golden hour” before sunset or classic side light. The light in fog, rain and snow also appeal to me because of their unique, but often overlooked characteristics.

My primary orientation is to use scenes from everyday life and capture their mood with a creative or unique interpretation.  Many times, these subjects are “taken for granted” or just simply ignored. New England and the wonderful “state of mind” called Maine, architecture/design, city scenes and “painterly” or impressionistic interpretations are my favorite subjects to shoot. I learned photography basics on a 35mm film camera, but I am now completely “digital.” All digital images inherently require some kind of adjustment … my philosophy is to make a minimum amount of change:

My camera settings are “neutral” for color, contrast and sharpness.

Only modest adjustments are then made on the computer, usually similar to those made in photo labs, i.e. contrast, minor color adjustment, etc.

I print all photos to personally control their final appearance and integrity.

My requirements are embarrassingly simple: one digital SLR body, three lenses, a tripod, and a couple of filters… that’s it!  I would rather use my creativity to meet the challenge of composing images that delight the soul and create lasting memories.